Battle Button Clicker

Battle Button Clicker is a unique idle clicker game. To level up, choose the best card for each upgrade. Choose your upgrade cards wisely, as every choice you make will affect the outcome of your battle! A new challenge and a variety of cards with special powers and benefits await you. Place them together carefully to make them invincible.


  • Unique gameplay. The combination of clicker and roguelike elements brings a new and engaging experience to players.
  • The number of cards for you to unlock is endless; each card has different functions and rewards. When combining cards, they will bring powerful attacks.
  • The game offers a unique experience with each play through a combination of upgrade cards and player decisions

How to play Battle Button Clicker

Players will click the red button on the screen to fight and choose upgrade cards each time they level up. The goal is to develop your character through strategic card choices and progress further in the adventure.


To play games, use the mouse.

Tips and tricks

  • When choosing upgrade cards, consider them carefully because they will determine the direction of your character's development.
  • Choose cards that combine well with each other and create powerful effects.
  • Some cards may not seem powerful right away, but if combined with other cards or in certain situations, they will be extremely useful. So don't ignore those cards.


According to the YouTube channel Lonniedos, the upgrade feature will captivate you. It's important to control your mouse, however, because if you click too quickly, you may mistakenly upgrade your weapons or health instead of your click-per-second upgrade.