Capybara Merge Evolution

Capybara Merge Evolution is a fun yet challenging idle game in a fun and relaxing fusion style, with the adorable capybara as the main character. You must merge capybaras to unlock stronger levels. Similar to the famous Capybara Clicker game, you can click on capybaras to earn coins or let them automatically generate coins. Unlock new levels that help you earn more coins in less time. Now you can leisurely sit back and watch your capybara kingdom grow.

Capybara Merge Evolution is considered a simple but creative game. Players must combine capybaras to create stronger animals. The game's adorable graphics and attractive design make the game both relaxing and addictive.


  • There are 32 new levels for you to explore.
  • There are four different worlds to explore.
  • The weather can change, like rain or shine, affecting your strategy.
  • You can choose to earn actively or passively.

How to play Capybara Merge Evolution

  • Use the left mouse button to operate the game.
  • Click on capybaras to generate coins.
  • Use those coins to unlock levels and new worlds.
  • Expand your kingdom by exploring all the worlds and levels.

Tips and tricks

  • Merging higher-level capybaras should be prioritized to receive more attractive benefits.
  • Perform lifts for your capybara combination.
  • Modify your plans to take advantage of the weather as it changes. 


Capybara Evolution Clicker is a game with simple gameplay that is perfect for players looking for a relaxing yet engaging experience. The lovely capybara theme makes the game even more attractive. I wish you hours of enjoyable entertainment with these adorable capybaras.