Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a unique clicker game that combines city building. This is a similar game to the famous Cookie Clicker game created by developer Orteil. Players will start by clicking to create cookies and use them to build and develop their city. The main gameplay involves clicking to create cookies.

Cookie Clicker City is a new addition for Cookie Clicker enthusiasts, bringing new challenges and features to players. Many players enjoy exploring and building their own cities, customizing buildings and infrastructure levels. I find the work of building and developing my own city quite interesting.


  • Build different buildings, such as shopping centers, houses, factories, etc.
  • Manage other resources, such as electricity, water and population, to maintain the city.
  • Unlock upgrades to increase the efficiency of city infrastructure and automate some operations.
  • There are special challenges and events that players can participate in to receive rewards and further progress in the game.

How to play Cookie Clicker City

  • Use the left mouse to interact with the game.
  • Click to create more cookies.
  • Use cookies to pay for upgrades and build your city.

Tips and tricks

  • Click continuously; the more you click, the more cookies you have.
  • Invest in buildings to provide passive income, earning points even when you don't click.
  • Upgrading buildings will earn you more points.
  • Take advantage of golden cookies that appear randomly and can provide great bonuses.


Cookie Clicker City is a fun and varied expansion of the classic Cookie Clicker game. Combining city building with point-and-click gameplay creates a unique and engaging experience. Play the game and build your own city now.