Fishing Clicker 3D

Are you a fishing enthusiast and fish collector? Fishing Clicker 3D is without a doubt the perfect game for you. You will become a fishing tycoon by clicking and throwing the fishing rod into the water to fish. Next, click to retrieve the fishing rod. Each time, you will receive an amount of money. You work continuously until you accumulate a certain amount of money and are able to unlock upgrades for your boat and fishing rod. You will also have your own collection of rare fish species.


  • This game has simple but attractive 3D graphics, creating a relaxing space for gameplay.
  • Merge fishermen and buy upgrades to increase income and experience.
  • Upgrade to new, larger boats.
  • Explore all the fish species in the collection.
  • The more fish you catch, the faster you earn money.

How to play Fishing Clicker 3D

In Fishing Clicker 3D, you will explore the vast ocean, use different types of boats, and catch many types of fish. The goal is to combine fishermen buying upgrades to earn more money and experience.


To play games, use the mouse.

Tips and tricks

  • To accelerate your earnings, invest in upgrades early.
  • Try to unlock all types of boats to get the most out of fishing.
  • Keep track of your fish collection, and try to complete it to get great rewards.


Fishing Clicker 3D received many positive reviews on Google Play, with more than 1,000 comments and 4.3 stars. Most people are excited about the game's collection of boats and fish.