Muscle Clicker

Muscle Clicker is an idle game with sports elements. Your goal is to run a virtual gym, teach people to exercise, and improve their muscles.

How to play Muscle Clicker

To start playing, first, choose your character. Each character has its own attributes and abilities. As you tap gym-goers, their muscle meter will gradually fill up, rewarding you with coins and experience points.

Then, use these resources to unlock new characters and upgrade current gymgoers. Invest in various fitness-themed buildings, such as weight rooms, protein shake bars, and more.

The game also features various mini-games, allowing players to interact with gymgoers in fun and interactive ways. You can engage in bodybuilding contests and pit yourself against other players.


Muscle Clicker is the perfect blend of leisure and fitness games. Muscle Clicker allows gym goers to customize and upgrade, along with satisfying tapping mechanics, making for a truly engaging experience. The game's captivating visuals, along with its deep progression system, will keep you hooked for hours.

Play Muscle Clicker today and become a fitness icon!