Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a simple but engaging idle/clicker game. Players can create and upgrade planets. Each planet will generate resources such as money, energy, materials, etc. Players can use these resources to buy more planets, upgrade existing planets or unlock technologies. Starting from Earth with many levels of power upgrades, you can expand to other planets such as Mars and Venus.


Planet Clicker received high reviews from the community, with a score of 8.9/10 from more than 66,000 votes. Players appreciate the game's simplicity yet addictiveness, as well as its ability to expand and upgrade endlessly. 

Features of the Planet Clicker game 

  • Simple gameplay, just click to generate a lot of energy to unlock planets.
  • There are many levels and technologies to explore and upgrade.
  • There are many different planets with their own characteristics.
  • There are regular events and missions for players to participate in. 

How to play Planet Clicker

  • Click to produce energy. Start by clicking on planet Earth to generate energy.
  •  Use energy to buy upgrades, generating more energy.

Planet Clicker Tips and Tricks

  • Prioritize upgrading planets that generate the most resources and energy to speed up energy gathering. 
  • Prioritize unlocking technologies such as processing workshops, energy stations, etc. to increase the output and efficiency of planets.
  • Test different strategies, like strategies that focus on a specific type of resource or strategies that balance resource types. 

Planet Clicker is an easy-to-play clicker game that has many different strategies for you to experiment with. If you like such simple but challenging games, Planet Clicker will be a great choice.