Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game is a combination of a clicker game and a racing game. Your mission is to control your runner through a series of intricate tracks and obstacles. Players must rely on their speed, agility and strategic thinking to win.

How to play Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

The game is simple to play. A single tap on the screen is all it takes to propel your runner forward. However, to win, you need to master speed and endurance. You need to train your character to have maximum stamina and, at the same time, muscle power.

As the race becomes more and more difficult, quick reflexes and tactical speed management become increasingly important. You must conquer difficult terrain and overcome muscle-power opponents. Players must find the optimal rhythm, pushing their runners to the limit without sacrificing vital momentum.


Clicker Controls:

Left-click: Tap the screen to gain speed and earn in-game currency. This action also allows you to interact with the various buttons and menus throughout the game.

Race Controls:

Left-click: At the start of a race, rapidly left-click the screen to accelerate your character and gain as much initial speed as possible.
A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys: Use these controls to steer your character left and right during the race.


Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game has beautiful images and diverse environments that give players a variety of experiences. With each triumph, the thrill of becoming the ultimate race champion drives players to push their limits and refine their strategies.

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