Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is a fun clicker game with sweet candies. You just need to click to produce sweet candies and use them to buy updates and upgrades, thereby creating a huge candy empire.

What is Candy Clicker 2?

Candy Clicker 2 is the sequel to the famous game Candy Clicker. The game has been improved with many new features and upgrades to give players a more enjoyable experience. In Candy Clicker 2, you will continue making candy by clicking your mouse. The goal is to create as many candies as possible. The game will take players into a simple space, with a large pink candy in the middle of the screen. Each click will reward a specific amount of candy, that you can use to buy upgrades that support candy production.

Coltroc created Candy Clicker 2 and first released it in July 2021; it was last updated in April 2023. You can play the game anywhere using your web browser on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

How to play Candy Clicker 2


Candy Clicker 2's goal is to create as many candies as possible. You need to click on the big pink candy in the middle of the screen to produce candy, and you can then use that candy to buy upgrades to improve candy production.

Upgrade consistently

The most important thing in Candy Clicker 2 is to buy upgrades on a continual basis. If you want to be successful without clicking, focus on purchasing upgrades. Accumulate points to buy all the upgrades because they are all important. Some upgrades increase the power of your clicks, allowing more candy to be produced per click. Meanwhile, some automatically increase the amount of candy produced every second, which lets you earn candy without clicking.

Golden candy

As you purchase upgrades and click on candies, you will gradually fill the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Once the bar is full, you will trigger a parade of golden candies. Click on them to earn a large amount of candy. One golden candy can be worth up to millions of points.

Keep your tab open

The unique thing about Candy Clicker 2 is that you don't actually have to click to earn candy. After clicking too many times, your hand feels sore. Now you can rest, but don't turn off the game; keep the tab open. So your candy empire continues to grow even when you're not there.

Candy Clicker 2 unblocked

Visit our website, you can play Candy Clicker unblocked and completely free.


  • Click to produce candy: Players click continuously to create candy.
  • Buy Upgrades: Upgrades can be purchased to increase candy production speed.
  • Automatic production: Other upgrades allow you to create candy automatically without having to click.
  • Candy skins: Custom candy skins can be obtained by watching ads.

Candy Clicker 2: Tips and Tricks

Always check the Candy Shop

At Candy Shop, there are many upgrades for you to choose from. Use accumulated points to buy them. There are different types of upgrades, and they are all more or less important. Here are some basic upgrades for you:

  • Auto click: Procudes 0,5 candies per second,
  • Cursor: Make 1 candies  per click,
  • Auto candy: Procudes 25 candies per second,
  • Stell cursor: Make 50 candies  per click,
  • Candy farm: Procudes 200 candies per second,
  • .....

Optimize the use of purchased candy upgrades.

Use your candy wisely when purchasing upgrades for the most efficient progress. Decide which upgrades to prioritize based on their cost and effectiveness.

Don't miss the golden candy

The golden candies in Candy Clicker are extremely important! It often appears randomly and has quite a high value. Therefore, make sure not to miss it and act swiftly to collect it.

Take advantage of keeping your tab open

Take advantage of this feature to continue producing candy even when you're not playing the game. Even when you are playing soccer, Candy Clicker 2 will automatically produce candy.


How to get more candy in Candy Clicker 2?

To earn more candy in the game Candy Clicker 2, you need to buy upgrades strategically and don't miss the golden candy that appears randomly on the screen.

Is Candy Clicker 2 free to play?

Yes, "Candy Clicker 2" is free to play. You can enjoy the game on our website unlimitedly and completely free of charge.

Ratings and reviews

The game Candy Clicker 2 currently has very high ratings from the player community. On several major game supply sites, such as Scratch and Google Play, it has a rating of 9.1/10, or 4.6/5, from nearly 300,000 votes. These scores demonstrate the community's high appreciation and popularity for Candy Clicker 2.

My reviews

Below is my review of the game. I am a big fan of the game Candy Clicker 2. I began playing Candy Clicker 2 immediately upon its release in 2021. From the moment I played it for the first time, I really liked it. To create candy, I must click. However, once I had consumed a certain quantity of candy, clicking was no longer necessary. I upgraded the game to generate candy automatically, which was relaxing. I was so excited to buy Candy Mine for 1 million candies. I still play Candy Clicker 2 everyday now. I'm so glad I found it.

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Candy Clicker 2 is a clicker game loved all over the world. With simple gameplay, many interesting upgrades, and a beautiful interface, Candy Clicker 2 will bring you wonderful moments of relaxation and entertainment. Play the game and grow your own candy empire.