Crusher Clicker

Crusher Clicker is an idle game that has fun gameplay of playing mining and upgrading the crusher. The player's goal is to unlock more factories, collect resources, and upgrade factories to mine and generate more money.

The game was released in April 2024, and after only a short time it received many positive reviews from players. Crusher Clicker received a score of 9.1/10 with more than 44,000 votes on major game sites like Google Play.

How to play Crusher Clicker

Use the left mouse button to play.

Tips and tricks

  • Buy auto-clickers to automate work.
  • Unlock new products to increase the amount of money.
  • Upgrade your products to increase their performance.
  • Watch ads to earn more money.

My review

This is my review of the game Crusher Clicker. This game has very beautiful graphics and simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, so I mastered it from the first time. At first you need to work hard to achieve high results in the game. At first I was a bit tired because I had to click the mouse many times in a row. But when I earn enough money, I can upgrade my machines so they do the job automatically and faster. I can make money even without clicking. I will play it every day in my free time.

Crusher Clicker is truly a gaming experience not to be missed. If you love unique clicker games, try Crusher Clicker right away!