Duck Duck Clicker

Duck Duck Clicker is a simple but extremely attractive video game. The game combines the fun of raising virtual pets with the appeal of unlimited clicking games. Each of your clicks not only creates adorable ducklings but also contributes to the mission of conquering the universe with irresistible cuteness.

How to play Duck Duck Clicker

  • Click on the cute ducks to create more ducklings.
  • The more you click, the more ducks will appear on the screen!
  • Use coins earned from clicking to upgrade and unlock new duck breeds.


Duck Duck Clicker is a game with a simple, easy-to-understand clicking mechanism. Combination of a virtual pet game and an idle clicking game. You can customize the cute duck to your liking. Just keep clicking without getting discouraged, and you will see your flock of ducks growing continuously. Expand your cute duck farm now.