Egg Clicker

Egg Clicker is a simple yet addictive video game where you start your journey to become the egg king. Set around eggs, this game will challenge your speed and strategy. Patience will pay off in Egg Clicker. The idle nature of the game allows you to grow even while you're offline, so let your egg empire expand while you're away.

How to play Egg Clicker 

Your mouse becomes the most powerful tool in this game; each click yields an egg. The more you click, the more eggs you collect. These eggs can then be used to purchase upgrades that increase productivity or unlock new features in the game.


 In Egg Clicker, you have the opportunity to become the egg king by clicking a lot on the giant egg. Each time you do so, you will receive one egg. After collecting 100 eggs, you can unlock upgrades. This upgrade allows your eggs to increase every second without clicking. Focus on purchasing upgrades as soon as possible; they will significantly increase your productivity per click.